Mini Checklist

Al Sawsana

Description of the Project:
The Mini-Checklist is a simplified rating tool customized for both existing and new buildings in Jordan. The objective of this project is to create a mainstream penetration of green development in the real estate market through a solutions-based approach.

The aim is a voluntary market driven simplified checklist that addresses the need of the residential apartment potential buyers for a more efficient building to live in, yet still have a positive effect on the environment. This will be in tandem to creating the market for the real estate developers to distinguish their buildings by being operationally more efficient to live in and having a sustainable impact on the environment.

As a benchmark, the LEED categories have been taken as the platform to come up with the checklist items/ clauses. The local Jordanian building code and the Jordanian green building guide have also been taken as a reference, to make this solution-based system compliant with the existing local building codes and regulations.

Funding Body:

  • United States Agency for International Development – USAID | FHI360

Project Duration:

  • January 2014 – September 2019