Advocacy for Forests

Description of the Project:

This project was designed under the cause of protecting forests in Jordan and gain the support of decision-makers for taking necessary measures and actions to do so. Part of the project was raising the community awareness of the importance of protecting the forests.

A series of workshops were held in the provinces concerned with this issue in collaboration with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). The workshops were held at Salt University - College of Agriculture in Balqa, and in Al Shoubak University College - College of Agriculture in Ma'an.

The governors and decision-makers, experts and specialists in Agriculture, local community members, and a number of students attended were interested in the affairs of the environment and forests attended these workshops in the two governorates.

Another component of this project is to advocate for the forestry law draft written by the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO. The law was offered to decision-makers for discussion and presented to the House of Representatives for approval and follow-up application.

Finally, a short advocacy film was developed called (Green Line) to show the suffer and challenges that the Jordanian forests are facing and how to contribute to protecting what remains of them and how to increasing green spaces for us and for future generations.


Funding Body:
  • US Agency For International Development (USAID)
Project Duration:
  • May 2012 – May 2013


Green line film